Can You Benefit From A Tooth Extraction

Adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but there are several reasons a tooth extraction is necessary. Here at Digital Dental + Implants, our professionals take meticulous care to proceed before we perform all extractions. 

What Is A Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is an invasive dental procedure in which a tooth is completely removed from the gum socket. This is often referred to as “pulling” a tooth. Depending on your care plan, the dentist performing the procedure will decide if one or more teeth need to be extracted. There are two different types of tooth extractions that can be performed: 

  • Simple extractions. This is usually performed on a tooth that is visible to the gum line.  Dental forceps are used to rock the affected tooth back and forth, while an elevator tool is used to lift the tooth out of the socket. With this process, the tooth is able to be removed in a single piece. 

  • Surgical extractions. This procedure is usually necessary when the tooth is impacted (no eruption above the gum line). If the affected tooth cannot safely be removed in one piece due to severe damage or decay, your dentist may decide to proceed with surgical interventions. In these cases, the affected tooth is broken into pieces and removed one piece at a time. 

Why Is A Tooth Extraction Necessary? 

Saving the natural tooth is always preferred, but sometimes restorative methods such as dental fillings or dental crowns are not enough. If your tooth has been badly damaged past the point of repair, an extraction may be necessary. Your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction if you are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Severe tooth decay or cavities. The center of a tooth contains a lot of nerves and blood vessels. If untreated, tooth decay can then spread to the pulp, allowing bacteria to enter, which can lead to infection.

  • A damaged or fractured tooth. Teeth are tough but they are not indestructible and accidents can cause them to crack, break, or loosen. After a dentist does an inspection of the trauma to the tooth, they can decide if removal is recommended. 

  • Severe periodontal disease. This occurs when bacteria builds up and forms plaque underneath the gums. This can cause severe gum disease and can erode your gum tissue and bone. 

  • Overcrowding, or to make room for a dental prosthesis. Overcrowding occurs when you have overlapping or misaligned teeth. This can make daily oral care difficult and can increase the risk of cavities. Extraction allows your dentist to make room for dental prosthetics and help your teeth move into healthier positions. 

What Can I Expect During And After A Tooth Extraction From Digital Denture + Implants?

Your comfort is very important to us. During your procedure, you can expect to receive dental sedation and anesthetics before the procedure. This will ensure that you are calm during the procedure and do not feel discomfort. Once you have been sedated and numbed, your dentist will either proceed with a simple or surgical extraction technique to remove the affected tooth or teeth. Pressure in the extraction site is expected, but never pain. After the procedure is complete, the extraction sites will be packed with cotton or gauze to minimize any residual bleeding.

Once you have come out of sedation, you will be discharged with intensive postoperative instructions to follow during your recovery. How to keep the site clean, what to eat and how to manage excess bleeding or pain will be included in these instructions. Our office will also assist you with making a follow-up appointment. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Tooth Extraction?

Strong and healthy teeth are the highlight of any smile. Upon receiving news that you need an extraction, you may feel uneasy but the benefits are worth it. Extraction can help restore your comfort. Immense pain and discomfort can be the result of an infected or shattered tooth. As stated above, the pulp of a tooth contains many nerves and blood vessels. This makes daily activities like eating and speaking with an infected or shattered tooth a huge inconvenience. Choosing to extract a tooth will also preserve the health of neighboring teeth. This will greatly minimize the spread of infection to healthy tissue. 

A tooth extraction is nothing to fear. Our staff is prepared to provide you with everything necessary to get through the process as quickly and comfortably as possible. With every dental procedure, your oral health is our number one priority. Let us create a clean slate by replacing your tooth with a beautiful dental prosthetic, so you can enjoy excellent oral health again.

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