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Most technologically advanced dentures

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Our dentures are made using the latest in technology to ensure only the best restults

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The way our dentures are made ensures the best outcomes every single time

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Our dentures come out safe and extremely fast due to the technology we use

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World-Class Dentures

Our World-Class, 3D-printed, state of the art dentures are made quickly, efficiently, and are of only the highest quality

Easy Implants

Our dental implants are designed to be durable, effective, and as painless as dental implants can possibly be

Newest Technology

Our dentures and implants are top of the line, they are designed to solve an age-old problem with modern technologies

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Dentistry can often be fairly frightening to some. Our staff works hard to ensure that you are comfortable and safe

Always Precise

Our dental procedures and appliances are done and made using the most precise techniques ensuring accuracy

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Aside from dentures and implants, we offer a wide array of dental services to ensure that all of your dental needs are met

Digital Standard

Starting at:

$350 vs $790 Conventional

Most affordable digital denture.

Digital Basic

Digital Premiere

$650 vs $1,350 Conventional

Next level digital denture with enchanced appearance and natural look.

Digital Premiere

Digital Ultimate

Starting at:

$1,190 vs $2,490 Conventional

Digital denture at its best. Using enhanced technology that offers combination of best-fitting, comfort and durability as well as enhanced natural look.

Digital Ultimate

Implant Secure

Starting at:

$4,950 vs $10,900 Conventional

Implant secured lower denture that offers stability for chewing. Helps to eliminate the need for adhensive.

Implant Secure

Implant Secure Ultimate

Starting at:

$15,900 vs $25,900 Conventional

The Ultimate teeth replacement solution that offers unparalleled stability and natural appearance. No need to take teeth in and out.

Implant Secure Ultimate
*Each dental practice is independently owned and operated by a licensed dentist.
Dental services, prices, and office practices may vary across each location.

About our Dentures

We are the experts in digital dentures and dental implants.  Our practices are equipped with state-of-the-art 3D printers and in-house lab to ensure our dentures are the best fitting.  We use the most current cbct technology to diagnose and treatment plan dental implants to ensure accuracy and patient comfort.

Why are digital dentures better fitting than traditional dentures?

Digital dentures are the best fitting dentures available because they are fabricated using 3D printing technology and are digitally processed.  Traditional impression and fabricating techniques are significantly less accurate than digital printing due to material shrinkage and expansion at different stages of fabrication.

What happens if my denture broke or lost?

We will simply print you a new one (exactly the same as your old one) because your data is saved in our system.  This is a major advantage of digital denture.

How is your digital denture different from other companies’ digital denture?

We are the first company that specializes in bringing digital denture into private practices and our company is found by industry leaders (dentists) with decades of experience and expertise in digital printing technology, clinical practice and education.  You can be confident that you are getting the best care.

Why are lower dentures difficult to wear?

Due to the anatomical structure of our mandible, it is difficult to get retention (suction) from lower dentures on the mandible.  Our tongue does not like things (denture) in the way, especially during talking and eating.  Implants are always recommended for lower dentures to help with stability and retention of lower dentures.

denture creating equipment

What Are Digital Guided Implants?

Guided implant surgery is a method that allows dentists to plan your implant surgery on a computer using Computerized Tomography (CT) as opposed to traditional panoramic x-rays that offer the dentist a limited approach during the planning and execution of the oral surgery. This technique ensures a more accurate process from plan to execution.

Guided implant surgery uses CT imaging to diagnose you before the surgery and develop a treatment plan. Generally, you can expect to first have a cat scan, go through treatment planning with your dentist, and then go through the implant surgery.

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